Dig, Bitch, Dig

“The Swearing Blog with a Gardening Problem”


Got junk? Use it. Need something? Make it. (Or at least try.)


Sometimes you lose. Okay, often. Often you lose. Take a day (or a year) to cry about it, then move on.


Sometimes fate rewards stubborn assholes. (Japanese beetles, you’re on notice.)

April’s to-do list:
  • Slow your roll. Yes you’re excited. But don’t clean up winter debris from your garden until temps are solidly above 50 degrees, all the time. Important pollinators are sleeping in your garden.
  • Get your pruning tools out and cut back the three Ds: Anything dead, diseased, or damaged has to go. Cut at an angle above where a branch forks or flowers for a fuller look.
  • Make sure you have the seeds you need and your planting supplies ready. Stores near me are already sold out of a few items.

Quote of the month:

“Snow in April is abominable,” said Anne. “Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss.”

― L.M. Montgomery, 

Anne of Ingleside


False spring. Yes. I know. It’s heartbreaking, but at least in my region, people get faked out by a week of 70s and go nuts with patio furniture and plantings. Then more snow comes and they act surprised.

About DBD:

I’ve been gardening my whole adult life, though not always successfully. So many gardening blogs make the activity seem joyful, rewarding, and painless, with only minor issues that are easily resolved. I have found that to be mostly false. Still, I persist, my failures multiplying like so many cucumber beetles, and I’ve created this blog so that I can share them with you. Join me for my losses, my wins, and all the cursing in between.


Find your garden zone with the help of the USDA map below. This will help you select plants and varieties that do best in your area!

United states dept. of agriculture

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