Dig, Bitch, Dig

“The Swearing Blog with a Gardening Problem”


Got junk? Use it. Need something? Make it. (Or at least try.)


Sometimes you lose. Okay, often. Often you lose. Take a day (or a year) to cry about it, then move on.


Sometimes fate rewards stubborn assholes. (Japanese beetles, you’re on notice.)

October’s to-do list:
  • Your veggie plants are dead. Accept it and pull them out.
  • If you have empty pots, scrub them with a bleach solution (9:1) on a sunny day and let them dry before putting away.
  • Turn over empty beds so the birds and toads can find the buggers you don’t want on your plants next spring!
  • Cover, mulch, and winterize anything that needs your help to survive the winter months.
Quote of the month:

“You don’t waste October sunshine. Soon the old autumn sun would bed down in cloud blankets and there would be weeks of gray rain before it finally decided to snow.”

― Katherine Arden, Small Spaces


Frost. ‘Tis the season. Pay attention to the forecast and bring anything inside or under cover that won’t survive even a night of freezing temps. While you’re at it, put your tank tops in a drawer and bring out your favorite sweater. Time to layer up!

About DBD:

I’ve been gardening my whole adult life, though not always successfully. So many gardening blogs make the activity seem joyful, rewarding, and painless, with only minor issues that are easily resolved. I have found that to be mostly false. Still, I persist, my failures multiplying like so many cucumber beetles, and I’ve created this blog so that I can share them with you. Join me for my losses, my wins, and all the cursing in between.


Find your garden zone with the help of the USDA map below. This will help you select plants and varieties that do best in your area!

United states dept. of agriculture

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